Our Experience


Quality Control

  • Partner for Spare part: Certified ISO9001
  • Brench Office in Korea: Certified ISO9001
  • Repair Shop in FAB: ‘H’ and ‘S’ Company in Korea


  • Best service experience with multiple Fab; VMI, SMI, ESMI and consignment at over 10 locations
  • Managed by ERP system

Repair & Refurbishment Services

  • All 150mm ~ 300mm Photo, Etch,  CVD and Diffusion
  • ESC, RF/RPS/Electronics, Robot,  Magnetic Seal,
  • Photo chuck, Heater, Cryo Pump, Turbo Pump and etc.




  • Upgrade: 150mm -> 200mm, Old Tool -> Latest Tool
  • Installation
  • Relocation

Technical Engineer Support

  • Process Issue
  • Particle Reduction
  • Improve Yield